Create new account with shared account associate

Here is the link for the script I am using to create new account user and additional shared mailbox associate for the user (Version 2.0).

The script is wrote in powershell.

It is can be run from command line like schedule task: “C:WindowsSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0powershell.exe -command”

Download the Script and rename the suffix from .txt to .ps1

On the first section you need to feel relevant data for your domain and you server it runs from it (change the brackets to relevant data, NO NEED BRACKETS!!!):

$OOU = “[]”
$SOU = “[ Recipients]”
$SSuffix = “@[]”
$MailFrom = “[]”
$OSuffix = “@[]”
$SMail = $SAlias+”@[]”
$GrouptoAdd = “[Group Name to Add permissions]”
$GrouptoAdd2 = “[2nd Group Name to Add permissions]”
$SmtpServer =”[SMTP server]”

I will be glade to get suggestions…



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