Get disk space report and send once a weekly to email

Here is the link for the script I am using for email notification regard disk space and daily report (Version 2.0).

The script is wrote in powershell.

It is can be run from command line like schedule task: “C:WindowsSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0powershell.exe -command”

Download the Script and rename the suffix from .txt to .ps1

On the first section you need to feel relevant data for your domain and you server list runs from it (change the brackets to relevant data, NO NEED BRACKETS!!!):

$serverlist = “[Server list to check]” #server.txt
$Reports = “[Location where to place report]”
$sender = “Scripts@[domain].com”
$SMTPServer = “[SMTPServer]”
$Recipient = “[]”

I will be glade to get suggestions…



One thought on “Get disk space report and send once a weekly to email”

  1. I believe that with the new Lync data store. When I get back to my evmeronnint I’ll see if I can fiddle with it. The ones I had done before had assumed mailbox creation ahead of time (customers already had a way in place to provision users and mailboxes), just UM/OCS enabling them, so I can also see mailbox creation taking too long for PS the execute the next command clean. I’ve done a lot of stuff with PowershellASP, which just can’t tolerate pauses so I always try to avoid them if possible.

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