Great add-in to your PowerShell codes writing.
I have just start using this and found it very useful and also enjoy to use it.
At the beginning I have needed to download it from:
It is came as ZIP file that need to be extract.
After that the installation of this is very quick just run the ‘install.bat’ located inside this extracted ZIP file.
Then open your “Windows PowerShell ISE” editor and inside it run the command: Start-Steroids
That’s it!

Once it is run you will see lots new features in the editor
Before:ISE Before
During:ISE During
After:ISE After
Now we can see the rich function bar and the new features we have here.
For example:
1.Create EXE file from your PowerShell script with lots of feature in it:EXE

You can create EXE file the run the script in hidden window
You can add icon
You can prompt for elevation once the EXE run
You can create it as 32 Bits application for former OS.
2. Easy toggle comment/uncomment block of script:CommentTog

3. Automatic offer better solution to write script:Write1

In this example I have used double quotes instead of using quotation marksWrite2
4. Lots of new commandlets:Commandlets

5.  Hiding code in PowerShell script (make it blur for digging eyes) this feature is great for these who wrote PowerShell scripts for someone else and not want to provide the real code to keep it as private property.

This function called “obfuscator“BlurToolBlurSettings

You can select how to show the details that has been blurred Binary/Characters/GUIDBeforeBlur BiaryBlurCharBlur GUIDBlur

more details regard this function can be read here:

  1. Additional feature that added is the option to compare between two opened scripts.

To make comparison right click on one of the opened tab (script) the select ‘compare to’ and select the other script to compare to.Comp

In my example we can see comparison between source code and blurred code


Left side is the blurred code and right side is the original, every line that is not equal are marked with color to make it easier to see it.

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