Just start working with Movito and found it very helpful and great application to manage my video collection.

Can be download from:

It is scanning automatically my folder and automatically match almost all my video files with the right movie from IMDB.

Here are some examples:

To create new collection just click “Add Local Media Collection”:NewCollection

Now need to select the folder contain your media:SelectMediaFolder

Once you select the folder, the application is automatically start to search in this folder all media files to provide the full list:MediaSearch

On the bottom we can see the searching status with the temporary result of finding

Once it will be done we can see the full list of movies that was found:

MediaGroup MediaFound

And some of them are not found as match, probably because of the file name that is not same as in IMDB or did not found there (in my example there is “Eng” at the end):Unmatch

We can do the match manually to solve this:



One greater feature here is option to show duplication media files, sometime we are keeping movie twice or even more with different names, this could assist us to delete the additional files and get free space:

FindDup Dup

Also the Series solution is functional great:Seasson3Seasson2Seasson3

After Double Click on the Series we can see all the episodes of this series:


For searching we can make TAG’s to manage our collection easily, we can create and assign multiple TAG’s to one or more movies:

I have created Language Tag:TagCreate

Them make search with this Tag:TagUse

You can see all the information regard your files and also regard the movie content come from IMDB:


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